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Welcome to wholesale and buy Rechargeable Flashlight from China supplier and manufacturers -Shenzhen Kenpower Electronics Co., Ltd. Niteasy is a professional Rechargeable Flashlight brands in China, Our factory have high quality Rechargeable Flashlight for you to customized, we will provide you with a low price and quotations.We have discount and cheap Rechargeable Flashlight in stock,We can provide bulk and free sample.
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  • Magnetic charging outdoor flashlight is a compact flashlight with magnetic charging function. It adopts aluminum body, metal reflector and double-coated tempered optical glass lens. Magnetic charging outdoor flashlight utilizes one OSRAM P9 LED and powered by one 18650 Li-ion battery (compatible two CR123A batteries), with a maximum output of 1500 lumens.

  • Dual head 4000 lumen flashlight is a unique dual head rechargeable flashlight with aluminum body and high-definition optical PMMA lens. The two lamp caps are equipped with 6 CREE XP-G2 LEDs, powered by one 21700 Li-ion battery. The maximum output reaches an amazing 3800 lumens. DS40 has five lighting levels and flash modes such as strobe, SOS, beacon, etc. It is widely used in indoor, outdoor and other occasions.

  • Niteasy small 1200 lumen magnetic absorbing flashlight DS15 is a small flashlight with magnetic absorption function. It adopts aluminum body and high-definition PMMA lens. It utilizes three CREE XP-G2 LEDs and powered by one 186500 Li-ion battery, with the maximum output of 1200 lumens. Small 1200 lumen magnetic absorbing flashlight DS15 has 4 lighting levels, strobe and SOS modes. It is lightweight and portable, suitable for hiking, cycling, camping, home lighting, maintenance, operating and other occasions. DS15 also has USB type-C charging port, which is 50% faster than Micro-USB.