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What are the precautions for using the glare flashlight?

1. Please fully charge the lamp when using it for the first time, and charge it in time after each use. Atomic electrons in led flashlights have many energy levels. When electrons transition from a high energy level to a low energy level, the energy of the electrons is reduced, and the reduced energy is converted into photons and emitted. A large number of these photons are lasers.

2. When carrying or transporting, make sure that the button switch is protected from foreign objects to avoid power consumption when the lamp is turned on.

3. It is strictly forbidden to strike or throw the lamp. If it is not worthwhile, drop the lamp into the aqueous solution and take it out in time and wipe it clean.

4. Do not irradiate the light directly to the eyes at will, because the strong light may hurt the eyes.

5. Do not disassemble the structural parts of the lamp, especially the sealed structural parts.

6. Please pay attention to the model of the charger and the specifications of the charging port when charging.

7. It is strictly forbidden to bump, toss, puncture the battery or throw the battery into the fire to avoid danger.

Everyone must read this article carefully, and must use the strong light flashlight as required. The flashlight is safe and reliable and trustworthy.