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Is there a difference between a flashlight and a riding light?

In the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, and other countries, legislation has been stipulated that bicycles must be equipped with white headlights and red taillights. Riding without a "photo" in China is not illegal, but it is extremely dangerous.

According to the World Health Organization's 2015 Global Road Safety Status Report, cyclists are among the most unprotected people, and about 50,000 people die from traffic accidents each year, with nighttime mortality accounting for the vast majority. If you do n’t turn on the lights at night, not only can you not see the road ahead, but more importantly, the surrounding cars and motor vehicles ca n’t see you. The danger is naturally self-evident.

Bring lights when riding, and even bring the right lights. Many riders like to use a glare flashlight as a light at will,
After all, the glare flashlight is just a flashlight. It was originally designed as a hand-held lighting, which is mainly used for outdoor activities, home emergency lighting, and spare lights in the car. The strong light flashlight has its unique characteristics. Generally, it uses a smooth condenser to collect light. When it is irradiated, the center brightness is high, there is a clear center bright spot, the center bright spot is relatively small, the beam is very concentrated, especially the brightness of the middle spot It can be very dazzling; in other words, the bright areas are bright, but the area is small, and the dark places around are dark.

Ordinary flashlight beam, too condensed, easily lead to dazzling
At the same time, because there is no obvious cut-off line, the light emitted toward the height will make the person on the opposite side feel very dazzling. The strong contrast between light and dark may cause glare and cause danger. Imagine meeting a car with a car on a narrow road. The dazzling glare is absorbed in the eyes of the car driver, which makes it impossible to judge your position correctly. The consequences are simply unimaginable. Therefore, the use of professional cycling lights will make cycling safer and more secure.

When judging whether a car lamp is professional, you can comprehensively consider from these aspects:

1. The floodlight is uniform, the light spot should be large, and it is not required to shine very far, but a large area should be illuminated in the low light, and there must be a clear cut-off line, which cannot interfere with the incoming car.

Second, the anti-seismic performance is high, because the bicycle may encounter uneven roads and bumps. If the anti-seismic performance is not good, if the gear jumps suddenly, it is easy to cause danger.

3. With waterproof performance, it can handle calmly during heavy rain during riding.

4. The battery life is long. It is a very troublesome thing to run out of lights while riding. Therefore, according to the usual riding habits, choose the lights with more guaranteed battery life.

Seeing this, do you have a deeper understanding and understanding of cycling lighting?