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LED work light feature

1. The shell is made of low shrinkage unsaturated polyester glass fiber reinforced molded plastic. It has beautiful appearance, light volume, flexible opening, safe use and can be depended on first, and has insulation, flame retardant, impact resistance, and strong corrosion resistance. Features;
2. The light-transmitting cover adopts low-temperature resistant PC material. On the basis of the original product formula, new, low-temperature plasticizers and anti-aging agents are introduced to reduce the problem of low temperature and brittleness and easy damage. High rate and other characteristics;
3. Long lifespan: The lamp body is of heat dissipation, the overall structure is beautiful and can effectively reduce the working temperature of the lamp to the best point. The life of the lamp can reach more than 50,000 hours;
4. High efficiency and energy saving: compared with incandescent lamps and ordinary fluorescent lamps, it can save up to 75% energy, and compared with energy-saving lamps, it can save 50% energy;
5. Short response time: instant start, response time 100ns, frequent switching does not affect the service life, -30 ° can also be instantaneous start;
6. Environmental protection and no pollution: all the materials used are produced with environmentally friendly and pollution-free recyclable materials, and they do not contain toxic and harmful substances such as mercury and lead;
7. Explosion-proof: It will not cause the lamp body to be broken or exploded. The whole lamp body structure is designed to be safe and not easy to damage;
8. Standard lamp socket: E27 lamp socket structure, easy to replace, new or old users can use the lamp directly
9. Anti-erosion: anti-corrosion; anti-erosion;

Widely used in the lighting of small and medium-sized CNC machine tools, combination machine tools, machining centers and ordinary machine tools, especially suitable for indoor lighting of closed CNC machine tools; and work lighting for medical equipment and automobile repair, ship inspection, equipment maintenance.