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How many flashlights do you usually need for outdoor diving?


Generally according to personal habits and professional level, outdoor diving will also be equipped with at least 3 flashlights. According to the purpose of diving, it is divided into floodlight and spotlight, and cold and warm light. The position of the rope hole in the tail of the flashlight is also particular. Choose the flashlight with the rope hole in the center. When hanging in the body, you can keep the flashlight vertical and easy to take. Recommend a XTAR-D26 maximum brightness: 1000 lumens (can last for 2 hours), maximum range: 300 meters (land range), maximum light intensity: 23100 candela, waterproof level: 100 meters underwater, anti-drop height: 1.5 meters, Lamp bead model: CREE XM-L2 U2 is a very good diving flashlight.