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How to choose outdoor camping lights?

Like ordinary lamps, professional outdoor camp lights will also use lumen units to indicate the brightness value they can output. Most outdoor camp lights have lumens between 100IM-300LM. 
A good outdoor camp light, the light source provided must not only be of high quality, but also stable. Unstable and dim light sources not only affect the user experience, but also make people think of the distress signal, thus causing unnecessary trouble. The durability of an outdoor camp lamp is usually determined by the firmness of the enclosure and the overall waterproofness of the lamp.
There is no need for bulky metal manufacturing, many high-quality plastic materials, its toughness and resistance to be able to protect the internal parts of the camp light. When we choose outdoor camp lights, we should also choose some rounded shapes and flat surfaces as much as possible to reduce the possibility of bumping with other objects in the backpack.
Camp lights are generally not used on rainy days or underwater, so the waterproof requirements of camp lights are lower than those of headlights. Generally, they are not required to be completely sealed, as long as they can cope with wet and foggy weather. The waterproof level is generally IPX5 (anti-spray type), that is, it is directly affected by water spray in any direction without harmful effects.
If you always keep your mobile phone away, it is absolutely necessary to choose an outdoor camp light that can be used as a mobile power supply. At present, many outdoor camp lamp manufacturers are also aware of this. In the product promotion, they will indicate the number of times that the product can be charged for different brands of mobile phones when there is sufficient power.

The red light mode can play two roles outdoors: when the red light is bright, it can reduce the bite of mosquitoes in the field while protecting the human eye from the dark vision effect. When the red light flashes, the entire outdoor camp light can be used as a safety warning signal.