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Excellent design case-bike light design

As we have bicycles, while enjoying a healthy and environmentally friendly way of travel, we also endure huge life threats. Riding at night is a terrifying and quite difficult experience. According to reliable data, more than 80% of accidents during cycling are related to motor vehicles. Although we have installed a variety of lights on our bicycles, not many lights can stop us from disappearing in the driver's blind spot.

In order to solve this most important safety problem, designer Daniel Barnes and his team Beryl designed a safest bike light-Laserlight Core. If you own it, a small person riding a bicycle will be projected 6 meters in front of your bicycle and tell the driver: "I ’m here!" To reduce the danger to the rider caused by the driver ’s blind spot.

400 lumens white light and daytime flash mode

Taking full account of the characteristics of city riding, Laserlight Core uses a white light of up to 400 lumens and a daytime flash mode to make you more conspicuous on the road.

Advanced laser technology

Laserlight Core uses patented laser technology, which can make your visibility up to 32%, remind others of your existence.

Rear brake light

Burner Brake is a good brother of Laserlight Core-a rear brake light. When you brake, Burner Brake will glow and flash like the taillights of a car, reminding the vehicles behind you to pay attention to the distance.


Laserlight Core can be used on rainy days.

Standardized USB interface

It can work 41 hours after each charge.

easy installation
The mount is a simple tool-free silicone bracket with a clickable click mechanism.