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Have you ever seen a 90000 lumen super led flashlight?


Some netizens made a super LED flashlight with a height of 1000 watts and nearly 90,000 lumens.

What is 90,000 lumens?
Lumen is a measure of visible light emitted from a light source. The greater the number of lumens, the greater the visibility.
WickedLasers had sold a Flashtorch strong light flashlight, owns 4100 lumens lighting brightness, if will be gathered in a little light, the energy can even ignite plastic barrels and foam plate.
The average incandescent bulb used in a home, at 100 watts, typically emits only 1, 300 lumens.
So, 90, 000 lumens is pretty strong, but it's also pretty dangerous, and if your eyes are directed directly at you, that's for sure.
The makers used 10 100w LED lighting chips lined up, each with its own driver connected to a radiator and fuse, and covered with yellow lenses that allow the light to reach 60 degrees.

Because 1000w of parallel LED light generates a lot of heat, he also installed an extra large radiator.
However, this super LED flashlight illuminates a large area of forest!