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Daily Warranty for Work Lights in Machining Centers


The work light is an important component for the machining center and the entire field of CNC machine tools. On the one hand, it can be used for lighting in places where the light conditions are insufficient, on the other hand, in some characteristic processing procedures, the work light can also serve as an indicator. The work lights of the machining center are mostly LED materials. They are like the glasses of the machining center. So how should such important parts be maintained?


The maintenance of LED work lights is not difficult, as long as the daily correct use can effectively maximize the life of the lamps.


Reasonable installation

To use work lights efficiently, the first thing to do is to install them reasonably, which requires a comprehensive consideration. To consider whether the lighting range can meet the lighting needs, place the work light of the machining center in a suitable position. At the same time, the stress of the working process of the machining center and the arrangement of the lines must be considered. If the first installation is not good, it will affect the remaining work progress.

Consider the environment

Different customers have different actual processing conditions and equipment usage environments. The control of these conditions is very important for the work lights of the machining center. The induction of each kind of lamps and lanterns to the outside world is different. For the working lamp of the machining center, it is necessary to keep it within the normal temperature range, so as to ensure its maximum effect.

External cleaning and internal testing

Cleaning is an indispensable part of maintaining the working light of the machining center. This report reports the regular wiping of the lamp mirror, the detection of the internal circuit, the replacement of the circuit switch, etc. These are all reasonable prerequisites to ensure that the machine tool working light can keep working normally.


The maintenance cost of the work light of the machining center is very low, and the steps are easy to understand. Especially for the lamps made of LED, you only need to install it correctly, wipe and check the circuit regularly and check whether the switch is in good contact. LED machining center lamps can be used in harsh environments with an average service life of up to an hour. With the continuous upgrading of science and technology, more and more parts will enter our CNC machining field with the advantages of high efficiency and low cost.