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The birth of the flashlight


It was the American inventor Thomas Edison who invented the world's first white lamp, which brought light to humanity and liberated humanity from darkness. However, the great man of the last century, Conrad Hubert, deserves the same respect. Everyone knows Edison, but few people know him. Hubert invented the flashlight.

This was start when Hubert returns home from work, and a friend proudly shows him a shiny flower pot. It turned out that he installed a battery and a small light bulb in the flower pot. As soon as the electric door opened, the light bulb lit up the flowers and looked dazzling. Hubert was fascinated by this, which inspired him. It is inconvenient for people to walk and wrestle or fear when they walk in the dark at night. Hubert said that if you want to work or activities in a dark place at that time, you need to carry a heavy kerosene lamp, which is easy to tilt. After the bottle is broken, it is easy to cause a fire and cause personal injury, so you need to be extra careful. And the light of the kerosene lamp is particularly weak, and the place where you can see is not far away. So he thought, would n’t it be practical and convenient if it could be illuminated with electric lights? So Hubert put the battery and light bulb in a tube, and the first mobile lighting flashlight came out.