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About the purchase of flashlight


1. See what occasion you want to use, such as night riding, night fishing, outdoor camping, caving, patrol, etc.

2. Looking at the battery, there are two kinds of ordinary battery and lithium battery. Although the lithium battery is a rechargeable battery, the life is low, about 2 years, and the life of the LED is about 10 years. You can choose according to the actual situation.

3. Look at the light bulb. When the light bulb is extinguished, it is difficult to distinguish it from the naked eye. You can see the consistency of the light bulb when it is lit.

4. Look at the shape, look at what it is mainly used for, the appearance of the flashlight is also divided into sizes, there are conventional and mini, and also have two heads.

5. Look at the brightness. A good flashlight has high brightness and slow decay.

6. Look at the waterproof, diving light flashlight has waterproof function, good shock resistance, that is, drop resistance.

7. Look at the appearance. Everyone will look at this than I will. I won't say more. I chose the aluminum alloy shell, which is beautiful and elegant.

8. Choose a brand. Brand is another definition of quality. Without good quality, it is impossible to become a well-known brand, so when choosing a flashlight, you need to understand the brand flashlight. According to the degree of latitude on hand, you can choose different brands