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LED flashlight driving knowledge

1. What is the driving current and voltage of LED? How much current and voltage do I buy for 50W? Safety flashlight?

The current and voltage of 50W are different according to the arrangement of different chips. The calculation method is the same as that of your own combination after you get the 1W lamp. For example, at present, 50 1W LEDs are used in 5 strings of 10 parallel combination. The current of 5 strings is 350mA / 15-18v, and then 10 and the current is 3500ma / 15-18v. Of course, different combinations are different Service conditions of;

The driving current of LED 1W is 350mA, which varies according to different colors. Generally, white light, blue light and green light are 3.0-3.6v, while yellow light and red light are 1.8-2.4v.

2. Why does led need constant current?

According to the characteristics that the current will change when the LED is used at a constant voltage, the LED industry stipulates that the LED should be used at a constant current, because the voltage of the LED is unstable when the temperature is different, for example, when the LED is working at 25 degrees, the voltage is 3.4V, when the temperature rises to 80 degrees, the voltage will fall to 3.3V, and when the power input power rate is unchanged, the voltage will fall, the current will rise, the current will rise, and the LED temperature will rise, so the LED will It is very fast and the voltage of each LED is different when it is tested at the same current, so it is difficult to make a standard for constant voltage power supply.